Packaging Info

We ship our seitan in thermally insulated chilled packaging – please recycle or reuse the ice packs and the silver reflective foil air bags.

The reflective foil air bags are excellent at retaining heat and for keeping chilled food cold for a minimum of 24 hours.

List of suggested uses:

  • To keep food warm or cold for picnics/taking lunches to work
  • Insulating animal hutches/beds
  • Lofts and outhouses as insulating material
  • Underlay for hardwood flooring
  • Radiator reflector
  • Pipe lagging
  • Wrap around plants to focus and intensify sunlight
  • Dead wall of a greenhouse to distribute/reflect light

We are working on replacing all of the plastic in our packaging for 100% compostable materials very soon. Until then, here is one of the many ways you can re-purpose the pots that contain our Seitan Bites.

Just wash them out and reuse them as herb pots for your windowsill or patio, take your lunch to work, or use them to store fridge leftovers or cupboard ingredients such as dried pulses. If you don’t wish to reuse them, please recycle.