We often get asked about our Seitan Bites: “What do I do with them?”. So we made a Recipe┬ápage to provide our customers with some inspiration! It’s new at the moment but we will be adding lots of recipes as we go along.

Of course, our Seitan Bites are so versatile that they can be used in any savoury meal in place of meat. But when I created the Seitan Bites, I had in mind “ideal” dishes that would be best suited to their flavour. The Beef-Style Seitan Bites have a┬ásmoked paprika, tomato, mustard and onion flavour, and a meatball-like texture, so I envisioned that they would be best suited to Italian-style pasta dishes.

Isaac @quickneasyvegan has incorporated them into a gorgeous Vegan Pasta with Tomato Sauce dish. Perfect for our Beef-Style Seitan Bites! They pair beautifully with the rich tomato sauce, fragrant basil, olive oil and garlic. Simple but nourishing, comforting and visually awesome. Find the full recipe here

Check out @quickneasyvegan for more mouthwatering vegan recipes from our fellow Cardiffian foodie.